Overseas Patients

Overseas Patients

Are you thinking of combining medical tests or a medical procedure with a holiday? Then you’re on the right path. Cyprus as one of the best holiday destination in the Mediterranean and Blue Cross as a general medical/surgical Hospital whose mission it is to provide the best quality healthcare possible,can give you the best combination of Holidays and treat


  • Cyprus is the southernmost island in the Mediterranean – hot in the summer months and delightfully mild during the UK’s winter months it offers a comfortable environment year-round
  • There’s very little pollution – the Cypriot shores are blessed with very clean water in which to bathe and the air quality is extremely good
  • Many Cypriots speak English – a legacy of years of British rule
  • In Cyprus, you drive on the left, as in the UK
  • It’s a safe, easily-accessible destination, served by both scheduled and charter airlines from all over the UK, so you can travel from an airport near to home
  • In the medical field most Cypriot- based consultants and doctors have been trained in English speaking countries and are familiar with the rigorous standards of operating procedure, hygiene and professional ethics that U.K patients have come to expect
  • There are endless possibilities for activities during your holiday, from gentle walks or golf to cycling, swimming, visiting ancient monasteries or mountain villages, and from cultural options to a wide range of adventure trips. Any family or friends accompanying you on holiday will find plenty to do – there’s something to suit all tastes – and there are many relaxing options for those recuperating post-surgery, too
  • The food is excellent, with plenty of fresh fruit and fish plus superb home-cooked Mediterranean dishes – both healthy and tasty


  • High-quality Medical Services available
  • Excellent medical infrastructure
  • Well-equipped, technologically-sophisticated hospital
  • Highly-qualified specialist consultants, doctors, nurses, and technical staff
  • Speedy consultation, test results and treatment – no waiting lists
  • Familiarity with the UK medical system – many Cyprus-based consultants and doctors have been trained in the UK or in other English-speaking countries
  • Very high standards of hygiene
  • Consultants, doctors and nursing staff all speak English fluently
  • Much Lower prices
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