Dr. Antonios Economides MD, F.R.C.S. Glasgow
Chief Executive Officer CEO

General Surgery & Urology

Dr. Antonios Economides received his degree in Medicine from the Medical School of Athens – Greece in 1974.

  • Training in General Surgery and Urology in several Hospitals in the Midlands area in United Kingdom until 1984
  • Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeries in Glasgow 1983
  • Member of Surgical Society of Cyprus
  • Member of Urological society of Cyprus
  • Member of Greek Association of minimal Invasive Surgery
  • Member of European Association of Urology
  • Training in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, ESWL, in Germany 1997
  • Training in HOLMIUM APLATION of PROSTATE, HOLAP, in Gag’s and St. Thomas Hospital in LONDON