Administrative Staff

Mr. George Kaniklides is the General Manager of St. George & Blue Cross Medical Centres

St Georges Daycare Clinic is currently capable of covering the entire range of services that may be required in the framework of every medical specialty, since it has established cooperation with experienced scientists of all medical specialties.

The nursing personnel has been selected on the basis of being able to fully support medical service activities. We believe and promote personnel life-long education and training by organizing annual training and specialization seminars for the nursing staff on issues of nursing and medical and nursing technology.

The Administrative personnel at our Daycare Clinic comprises finance and health care management scientists, as well as specialized and experienced managers. Our Daycare Clinic invests in know-how and personel that is capable of applying modern health care management models that are addressed to patients and the best possible coverage of patient needs.

Finally, the remaining paramedical and auxiliary personnel comprises specialized staff and technicians in their respective fields, as well as experienced outsourced associates who ensure the best possible safety of the medical and technological equipment functionality.

Administrative Staff