Oncology means bulk, mass, or tumor, and is the branch of medicine that deals with cancer. A medical doctor who practices oncology is an oncologist. Oncology is concerned with:

  • The diagnosis of any cancer in a person
  • Therapy (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other modalities)
  • Follow-up of cancer patients after successful treatment
  • Palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies
  • Ethical questions surrounding cancer care
  • Screening efforts:
    • of populations, or
    • of the relatives of patients (in types of cancer that are thought to have a hereditary basis, such as breast cancer)

Dr Astras and his team offer the following Services:

  • Acute Oncology Services and 24 hour support
  • Chemotherapy Services
  • Pain management Services (with Palliative care /Pain team support)
  • Outpatient/Homecare Services
  • Second opinion Services and Expert Multidisciplinary Tumor Board reviews.
  • Links to international Cancer Centres of Excellence

Dr George Astras and his team treat and offer professional opinions about all types of Cancer but has special research interest in Lung Cancers,Sarcomas,Breast and Gastro-intestinal cancers. He continues to maintain strong links with the U.K Oncology community and he participated in numerous Phase II and Phase III clinical trials and visits the U.K for work and research. He runs outpatient clinics at The American Medical Center/American Heart Institute ,the Apollonion Private Hospital as well as his private office in Nicosia.Also every Thursday and Friday he supervises chemotherapy treatments and Consults patients in Limassol and Pafos. His private practise offices are:

1 Paleologou Street, 2023, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. St. George & Bluecross Private Hospitals, Pafos, Cyprus (The Doctor is with us every Friday only)

Office telephone: +35722100945

Office Fax: +35722100947

Other telephone: +35799457262



  • Dr. George Astras