Accommodation & Amenities

Accommodation & Amenities

1- The Blue Cross Medical Centre consists of 50 beds of single and double rooms. All the rooms are equipped with central heating, central air conditioning, en suite bath, radio, television, Internet, telephone and central oxygen supply. Patients can communicate with the nurses on duty at any time by the internal nursing call system which is available in all rooms.

2- MEALS The meals are prepared after consultation with the patient’s doctor and are served as follows: Breakfast: 07.00 am – 08.00 am Lunch: 12.00 pm – 13.00 pm Dinner 18.00 pm – 19.00 pm Hot beverages and drinks are available at all time just contact a member of nursing staff.

3- POST OFFICE If you wish to post a letter, you can give it to any member of nursing staff and we will post it for you

4- TELEPHONE: To make a local or international call dial 9 for a line. All calls are automatically listed and charged to your account.

5- NEWSPAPERS – MAGAZINES Newspapers or magazines of your choice can be requested from the reception and charged to your account.

6- TRANSPORT AND PARKING Taxis can be requested at the reception. Patients and visitors car park is located at the rear of the building and is free of charge.

7- PERSONAL ITEMS You are kindly requested to hand over all money, jewellery and other valuables to our nursing or admition staff for safe keeping. Otherwise the hospital takes no responsibility.

8- PATIENT FINANCIAL OPLICATIONS Patient’s financial responsibilities towards the Hospital include: • Hospital expenses • Doctors fees • Laboratory and x-ray examinations • Surgical and anaesthetic fees • Drugs and medical supplies • Telephone calls • Ambulance fees