Terms of Use

The company under the legal name «St George & Blue Cross Hospital», located in Paphos, Cyprus in 51, Demokratias, Avenue, P.O.Box 62213, Paphos, 8062, Cyprus, welcomes you in the website https://www.bluecross.com.cy/».

In the aforementioned website you will find all the services that are promoted from this company. In order to view a detailed content, it is essential that you accept all the terms that are thoroughly mentioned in each service, as well as all the terms mentioned below. Therefore, please take the time to read carefully all our Terms of Use, before browsing, accessing or using this website, in any way.

Specific Terms

Company: the company under the legal name « St George & Blue Cross Hospital Ltd », located in 51, Demokratias, Avenue, P.O.Box 62213, Paphos, 8062, Cyprus (contact phone number 35726221111), will be from now on be called www.bluecross.com.cy, the same as the name of the website of the aforementioned company.

Website: the website of the company, that is called «https://www.bluecross.com.cy/».

Services: all the services that this website promotes.

User: every user that accesses the website and browses in it.

Limited Permission

The company, under the terms and conditions that are mentioned in this section and according to all relevant laws and regulations, offers access to the user. This access is intransmissible, private, and limited so that the user may use the website and everything that includes. Specifically, the user is obliged to follow all the terms according to the copyrights and additional properties of the website and decline every other action that ought to alter, reproduce, public display or use the website and every aspect of information in it for any public or commercial purpose.



All the copyrights and the services in the website, that may include but not solely, content, photographs, graphics, commercial and financial elements, programs, documents, logos, specific layouts, are protected by the Greek, community and national laws regarding copyrights and are a complete and total property of the company, offered to the users solely for personal use.

The company, always in accordance to each user’s good faith and ethics is always making the effort of providing truthful and accurate content. However, the company is not responsible for the accuracy or their integrity. Every user is forbidden from copying, distribute, transfer, alter, resale, and create the same content or mislead other users regarding the initial and true provider of the website’s content. Possible reproducing, loading and announcing or any other use of the website’s content for commercial or any other type of use will be allowed only by written admission of the company or any other copyright holder. In any other case, all the aforementioned actions may insult and corrupt the copyrights of the company, which can arrogate every possible compensation, always according to the relevant laws and regulations.


User Responsibility

The user of the https://www.bluecross.com.cy/ website accepts that he/she use the website according to relevant laws and regulations. He/she also accepts to abstain of every publishing or transmitting in any way content that is considered to be illegal, hurtful, threatening, insulting, slanderous, abusive and in any other way opposing to the relevant regulation or constitutes a violation of another user’s privacy, displays empathy or expresses racial, national and other forms of discrimination or can possibly hurt underaged in any way. Should any of the above be discovered, the company https://www.bluecross.com.cy/ holds the right to automatically delete a certain user, continuing in all the expected by the law actions. In any case, the user holds the right to inform others through e-mail or social media platforms about the services that this website promotes.


Alterations to the Terms of Use

The company holds the right to alter these terms of use at any point, without having to warn the website’s users. Alterations, additions or complete deletion in the terms of use can be brought to the position of use immediately, from the moment that are updated in the page. With the use of this website, the user is automatically bound to accept these alterations, additions or deletion. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the terms of use in a regular basis, so that you can be safe and fully informed at any time, for any possible changes.


Responsibility Limitation

The company ensures the safety and proper function of the website. However, the company cannot guarantee that the website cannot or will not be breached by certain online viruses.

The website’s content as well as all the services mentioned in it, are offered to the user exactly as described. The company will not offer any type of guarantee according to the adequacy, accuracy, current affairs, commercialism or appropriateness of the content for any kind of use, application or purpose.

The company takes over the responsibility, whenever it is possible, so as all of the information and images that the website contains to be accurate, precise and reliable. However, the company cannot guarantee the accuracy, preciseness and reliability to the user/visitor for any possible harm or damage, due to the inaccurate nature of its content.

The company can, and will, at any time, alter, postpone or pause any function of the website, including the availability or description of a certain service.

The company calls attention to the user regarding the access to this website that can be paused or postponed for reasons that can be described as server issues.

The company is not responsible for compensating users that have been misled by copying, altering or falsely owning parts of the content of the website from others, which have done any of the above in complete oppose to the copyrights of the company as well as the regulation.

In order to offer accurate information to the user, it is possible to redirect the user to external sources [links] that guide the user to other websites. The company is not responsible for the content of these links or for any damage or harm that the user suffers during his browsing to the third parties’ website.