Protection of Personal Data

The company under the name «St George & Blue Cross Hospital» (from now on will be called ‘the company’) completely respects the privacy of all people/users and takes the need for protection of their personal data very seriously. This article offers to every visitor/user of the company’s website complete and detailed information regarding the practices that have been used so as the personal data stay protected and safe.

Safety and privacy policy

All the information, registered as personal data of the user, are secured and labeled as classified. The company has accommodated certain procedures, so as it can keep all the personal data that the user share with the website safe. This type of information is well protected from any unauthorized access, revelation, loss, harmful use, alteration and damage.

The information that the user is sharing with the website is solely used for the best serving the user at the requested service and are not permitted to be used from any other party, without following the regulation of the law Ν. 2472/97, as it is forced today.

The company will not reveal the information of the website’s user unless there is a written authorization from the user or this is forced by a law enforcement.

The company St George & Blue Cross Hospital Ltd is not reselling your personal information. The user may request a copy of the saved data that St George & Blue Cross Hospital is keeping. The user may update the website with any possible changes or may ask for a correction. The visitor/user can contact the person in charge and determine whether there is a file with his personal information, or ask to correct any part of them, or even ask for their permanent deletion.

The user may ask from the company St George & Blue Cross Hospital to completely erase, block or limit the access and the editing of his personal information or oppose to the ways that the company using these personal data. The user may ask from the company St George & Blue Cross Hospital to send his personal data to another party.

The company St George & Blue Cross Hospital retains documents with the personal data that the user sends solely for communication and information purposes. The company St George & Blue Cross Hospital is possible to edit a part or all the information that you have send in order to improve the services provided or for statistics and measurements. During your visit to the pages of St George & Blue Cross Hospital and in order to reassure a safe way to communicate with you, it is possible to ask you certain information (such as first name, last name, phone number, email and age or condition etc.). This personal information that you insert in the pages of St George & Blue Cross Hospital is solely used for ensuring the best possible function of the particular service and is not allowed to be used by any other third party, without following the regulation Ν. 2472/97, as it is applied in any case.

The access to the company’s systems (servers) is controlled by a firewall, which can allow the use of particular services, forbidding at the same time the access to systems and data bases with classified information of the company.

Applicable law

All of the terms and conditions above are enforced and applied by the Greek law, the law of the European Union and all the relevant national treats. Any sub content that will stop being accurate and valid will be automatically removed, without affecting the rest of terms and policies.

The personal data that we collect is only to improve the quality of our services and are only saved by the company St George & Blue Cross Hospital as long as the user has not been opposed to it. This information is the email address, the name, the date of birth and the contact phone number. The selection and gathering of the information is completed only with your approval since you fill out the contact form or the make an appointment form.

What does the Company’s regulation regarding the personal data of children?

The company is bound not to process any personal data from visitors/users under the age of sixteen (16) years old, without a formal approval from the legal guardian of the child, through direct contact, without an online connection.

Person in charge for the Selection of your Personal Data

The company St George & Blue Cross Hospital controls the editing of your personal data, as described above. If you have any additional questions regarding the Privacy Policy, your personal data and the cookies please contact us via email to or the contact number +357 26 221111 and ask for Mr. George Kaniklides

Unauthorized access to your personal data (security breach)

In the event of online theft, loss or illegal access (security breach), the man responsible for securing the personal data will form a relevant report to the authorities and inform all the users that might be at risk of their personal data or their privacy being exposed.


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The pages of the company are also using ‘’internet tags’’. This method is used so that we can measure the responsiveness of the website’s users. The company ensures you that through ‘’internet tags’’ and cookies personal information are NOT selected, and no personal data are saved, such as names, addresses, email or contact phone numbers.

Redirecting to other websites (links)

The website or other apps that are linked to it they tend to have hyperlinks, and other details that are about third-party’s websites or apps. The company’s website cannot control or be responsible about the availability, the content, the safety of the personal data and the privacy, the quality of the services in the websites that redirects through hyperlinks or commercial banners. The company’s website does not adopt or accept the content of these services or websites and the pages in which you might get redirected.