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Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Biomedical scientists and physicians who specialize in neurology are called neurologists, and are trained to investigate, or diagnose and treat, neurological disorders

Neurosurgery is the surgical discipline focused on treating those central, peripheral nervous system and spinal column diseases amenable to mechanical intervention

Clinical Offerings

Diagnostic and Management of Neurological Disorders including Surgery:

1. Disc Problems Management
2. Spinal Deformities
3. Instabilities
4. Scoliosis
5. Tumours
6. Trauma
7. Spinal Stenosis.
8. Endoscopic Disc excision
9. Fusions
10 .Disc replacement
11. Brain Tumours
12. Hydrocephalus
13. CSF Leacking
14. Head Injuries

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