Name: Μariella Andreou Elia
Nationality: Cypriot
Place of Birth: Limassol, Cyprus
Date of Birth: 25/03/1988
Languages: Greek, English
Secondary Education: (2003-2006) Full time secondary school in Limassol, Cyprus
University Education: (2006-2013) Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Department of Crete (Bsc)
(2013-2015) Self Employed, Nutritionist, Limassol
(2013) Registered at Food Scientists and Nutritionists (Register no.280)
(2015) Became member of Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition association (CyDa)
Courses Attended:
1. (Athens 7-9 December 2009) 9th Course of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
2. (Heraklio 11-13 April 2008) Crete Course of Public Health
3. (Athens 12-14 December 2008) 1st Course of study and treatment for diseases
4. (Coursera 25 November 2013) The new Nordic Diet- from Gastronomy to Health, University of California, San Frasncisco
5. (Coursera 14 December 2013) Diabetes-Diagnosis Treatment and Opportunities, University of Copenhagen